Remodeling is not an easy path

The ViewRail Stair is partially complete … and plywood marks the location of the giant back glass doors to come
The floating stair will keep the house far more open and airy than it was before
The view from the expanded and totally redone master suite is one of the big payoffs Lakeside is sweet!

It’s quite the journey to do a ‘whole house remodel’ … but the big return is to enjoy the final space, views, and character. This transformation will take a very dated cut up home that was originally a series of boxes with windows and open things up very dramatically. South Sacramento, contractor Josh Hermann; design by Applied Architecture Inc, MF Malinowski FAIA

Our latest ADU in midtown

A former small ‘storefront’ that was added decades ago didn’t find much interest from office users – but in a new incarnation as a spiffy, stylish and small living Accessory Dwelling – it was rented immediately. The S Street location is the site of some other Accessory Dwellings we are currently working on – the word is getting out that these small independent units have people eager to move in!