A Beast is Gone

Once this was a start of the art, whiz bang amazing piece of hardware, aquired for thousands of dollars, helping create a great many cool visuals and copies … but gradually it lost it’s luster, until finally it was just a giant beast, weighing hundreds of pounds, awaiting some new fate or adventure.  Today – thanks to craigs list- the beast found a new place to lurk.  I helped it along … grunting along with the new

owner to push it up a ramp onto a trailer.  Bye bye beast!

More Customer Kudos :)

Hi Mike, We are excited to be very nearly done with all projects. I will send a couple of pictures in a separate email but since Frank and crew just finished last week and we are just now starting to move into the space, it doesn’t look its House Beautiful best yet. We are very pleased with the space, your design, and how everything looks. … And it came in on budget.

    Thanks to both you and Dane for everything you did for us, we really appreciate the responsiveness from you both at crunch times. We can’t believe it’s over a year since we moved into this house and that we are finally more less done with it. I’ll send a few more pictures when we get the furniture moved in and curtains up. Thanks again,


Kudos from a customer: warms the heart

Hi Mike,

…. I was very pleased to work with Joe Montalvo and his team of tradesmen.  I credit him with the way costs were contained; they ended  up being very close to the estimates and allowances we assembled last July.  There were surprises and complications along the way of course, but we worked together to solve problems.  There is one more inspection and Joe won’t call for it until fans are installed in the crawlspace as specified.  The cost of the project came out to be very close to your estimate of nearly a year ago, when initial discussions were leading up to actual drawings and specifications.


The remodel has improved the look of the house immensely.  The reconfigured interior space is great, and we really like the Velux skylights you recommended.  I will soon have new furniture and then the space can begin to feel like home again.  The patio is especially terrific.  Reorienting it along the long axis of the house, under the new trusses has made a huge difference in function and appearance. 


Many thanks for getting us to this point.  The house is a better fit now, and we should have many good years to enjoy it.




PASS Training Class July 23rd 2015

The PASS program has been designed to streamline permitting throughout the Sacramento region. It will provide a more efficient and effective plan review process by implementing a clear and concise set of standards for document content and organization. Participation is voluntary, and requires a half-day training class. Future classes will include annual updates and expansion of the program. The initial program is targeted at Tenant Improvements and Small Commercial Projects. Jurisdictions involved in the program development included: Cities of Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, West Sacramento and Davis; Counties of Sacramento and Placer. Additional jurisdictions are expected to adopt the program shortly.