Midtown Sacramento a Great Place for Accessory Dwelling

Can you imagine behind your private and spacious backyard: an ‘owner’ full 2 car garage with attached shop and home brewery, and a separate private ‘tenant’ garage to accompany a 1200 sq ft 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment with a private balcony, pop out glassy eating nook, spacious master suite, great room with island kitchen and entertainment wall … taking shape through Applied Architecture, the ADU experts for Midtown Sacramento

The Alley Side with private tenant access
The Backyard with ‘drive through’ owner access; shop and home brewery. Windows on this side are ‘blanked’ so owner has a beautiful facade and at the same time full backyard security and privacy

Different Distinctive Personal

When faced with great loss, recovery – back to the way things were before – is the first strategy that may come to mind once the brain is working again. But recovery can be more than that. When a family lost their Santa Rosa home a couple of years ago, they realized that they could rebuild ‘different’ – distinctive, and personal. Their recent comments, one year after moving in: We just passed our first anniversary in the house. It has been a very difficult year, for various reasons, but the house is a true source of comfort and pleasure for us. We love it, from design to quality construction. Rarely does a week go by that someone does not come up to us and tell us how much they love our house, from neighbors to complete strangers … Applied Architecture was thrilled to help bring a fresh design perspective to this still unfolding story.

Time Flies when you’re having Fun

Applied Architecture Inc C Michael F. Malinowski FAIA The Eclectic Center 2008
Applied Architecture Inc c Michael F. Malinowski FAIA The Eclectic Center 2008
Applied Architecture Inc c Michael F. Malinowski FAIA The Eclectic Center 2008

Hard to believe it’s been a dozen years since we brought the Eclectic Center to life!  It’s roots were as humble as humble gets – a run-down strip center with absolutely zero character.  A new developer/owner gave us a ‘wild card’ to transform a fully occupied set of plain boxes into whatever we could imagine … a wild and crazy composition: what fun!    

Bradshaw at Folsom Blvd in Sacramento. 

Applied Architecture Inc

Michael F. Malinowski FAIA