Idea Echos

Idea Echos


When grand visions that involve the built environment die, a lot of detritus is left behind.  Most of this material ends up in the trash; this installation is a ‘second life’ for two pieces from that stream of debris.  These ‘re-rendered renderings’ are an attempt to capture ‘idea echos’ of a proposal to create here in Sacramento what would have been the largest residential building complex on the west coast – and in so doing examine the now faint echos of optimism, courage and ambition embodied in this form.


Last Dance of a Thousand Dots  


An Architectural Vision is portrayed in a fashion to make it seem as real as possible.  These pieces are intended to motivate (financial) commitment – and serve that purpose best if they have a visual power that helps suspend ‘disbelief’.  The ‘hand’ that creates the images is by design ‘invisible’ – so it won’t take away from the illusion of reality.  When grand visions die, they usually fade over time, represented here with Correction Fluid placed in Dots.  Each ‘dot’ is one of the ‘do not’ that were part of the unfolding story – placed one by one by human hands until the original idea is obscured.  What remains is the Idea Echo – portrayed as a ghost like presence on the skyline.

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