At Applied Architecture’s Globe Mill Seniors get a helping hand

Sacramento restaurant helps low-income seniors through COVID-19 outbreak


March 29, 2020

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The COVID-19 stay-at-home order is hitting low-income seniors especially hard, like those living at Globe Mill Lofts in downtown Sacramento.


"We have very low income [residents]. Some still work and others are just on social security," explained Susan Doyle, Community Manager. "Some of the residents here have health problems. They are not mobile enough to get out."  Doyle adds that normally, many of her residents would travel to the food bank or nearby homeless shelters for a meal. But with the risk of contracting COVID-19 at an all-time high, few are willing to step outside.  "It’s frightening them because they don’t know whether they should go out or if they should go," Doyle said.


Restauranteur Chris Jarosz, who runs Broderick Roadhouse, decided to help.


"If there’s anything that’s come out of being in the middle of a pandemic right now, it’s good will," Jarosz said. "We’re seeing compassion we haven’t seen from folks in a long time."


On Saturday, Jarosz delivered enough meals to feed the over 150 residents at Globe Mills.  "We’re covering food costs, and we’ve been donating labor. It’s a little rough on us now, because we’re not making enough money in the restaurants right now. We’re hoping if we go bankrupt, you’ll support us afterwards," Jarosz said. 


Jarosz added his restaurant is always looking for donations and extra tips to help them continue feeding the needy while continuing business operations during the mandatory shelter-at-home. "Twenty dollars will buy 6, 7 meals right now," Jarosz said. He is also looking for a community-style kitchen to help with outreach efforts. Kevin Smith, a 60-year-old Globe Mills resident, helped to deliver Saturday’s take-out to his fellow neighbors. "A lot of people can’t get food. They on a fixed budget. Everyone is grateful," said Smith as he rang doorbells.


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