Customer Feedback helps make the hard work worthwhile

We LOVE customer feedback . Hi Alex and Mike. This is Mimi seconding Phil’s motion. The Corner Pocket is taking shape and it is a really wonderful design! It looks great on the property and will satisfy our needs. We met with the cabinet maker for the second to final time yesterday. It’s fun to have them made just the way we want. Finish electric next; insulation; sheet rock; etc. Thank you for making it look really special! I especially love the little finishing touches on the eaves …a piece of wood that forms a shape. I don’t know what you call them, but I love them. Also the dormer and upstairs loft are really a wonderful design. We love Ralph and Kyle. They are good listeners and very responsive. Ralph’s experience is very confidence inducing. They have kept us on track. All the subs are great too! All very personable and talented. We couldn’t believe the framers up there in the 103 degree heat those few days. Whew!-Of course, the back yard is a pretty big mess and we’ve tracked in plenty of dirt! But we’ve learned how to deal with it. No pain no gain.—- J Thanks again to you both. Feel free to drop by anytime you want to see how it’s taken shape. Mimi PS Lots of admiring neighbors (even if we do wake them up early!!)

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