The Stockton

A 1910 National Register Historic Landmark     Brought back to Life in 2005   

Michael F. Malinowski AIA Architect           Cyrus Youssefi Developer, Contractor, Owner





"This project involves Stockton’s most visible historic icon.  The historic hotel had been converted into government offices may years ago, and the result had been purely utilitarian.  This project has returned the building to its historic mix of commercial use at the ground level and residential use above.   Despite difficult seismic problems due to the openness of the ground floor, the project has turned out to be an excellent example of the successful rebirth of a much love community landmark.  The interior has been very sensitively and sympathetically rehabilitated, with is lobby and the 6th floor conference room reflecting the building’s grand past.  The project meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, and is a compelling example of the value to a community of the Investment Tax Credit Program."  California State Office of Historic Preservation statement







"History is the essence of innumerable biographies"  Thomas Carlyle



Historic Photos  Credit:  The Bank of Stockton Historical Photo Collection


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