Hotel Stockton


Event Date

The Stockton Investment Company is formed to build a "first class" hotel in downtown Stockton. Feb. 26, 1903

Three different hotel proposals and sites are considered. Jan. 15, 1907

Lee A. Phillips and architect Edgar B. Brown push to build the hotel. Feb. 1907

The Cowell Block, also known as "Weber's Hole" is selected as site for hotel. Feb. 1907

Mayor appeals to citizens to support the hotel by buying " stock subscriptions." March 1907

$273,750 is subscribed for the new hotel. March 11, 1907

The "Great Stockton Flood." March 19, 1907

Newspaper criticizes "welchers" & "dillydalliers" who haven't paid subscriptions. May 21, 1907

Headline: "It is a Go." Hotel receives enough funds to proceed with construction. May 25, 1907

Architect E. B. Brown revises design and eliminates proposed "tower." June 11, 1907

$500,000 in bonds are collected for construction. 1907

First payment made to obtain the building site. July 1, 1907

Bids are collected for site demolition and excavation work. Sept. 1907

Complaints that the excavation has 15 feet of "stagnant water" & "green scum." Feb. 26, 1909

The Vonder Horst Brothers, of San Francisco, are selected as the contractor. Construction cost estimated at $500,000. All concrete work scheduled to be completed in 150 working days. May 27, 1908

An artesian well is completed for the hotel's water supply. June 26, 1908

Construction work begins on the hotel (pile driving). July 12, 1908

Another Stockton flood. Jan. 21, 1909

Concrete work is completed. Feb. 13, 1909

The general contractor, the Vonder Horst Brothers, abandon the job. The Building Committee oversees completion of the hotel. March 5, 1909

Six lawsuits are filed against the Vonder Horst Brothers. July, 1909

Don H. Porter named manager and officially dubs the building "The Stockton." Sept. 16, 1909

Anchor tenant "The IXL Clothing Company" holds it's grand opening. Oct. 19, 1909

City Hall personnel, including the Mayor & Council, move into 2nd floor Annex. Feb. 5, 1910

Ground floor open for "public inspection." April 30, 1910

The Stockholder's Banquet is held in the "main dining room and adjoining grill." May 25, 1910

Hotel Stockton grand opening celebration with three-day fair. May 26, 1910

Hotel dining room opens for patrons. May 28, 1910

New Manager A. I. Wagner. 1910

Rooftop sign reading "Hotel Stockton" is installed. ca. 1910

Windscreens added under the Roof Garden pergolas. ca. 1911

Ragtime dances are held in the hotel. 1913

Red ceramic tile replaces vent grilles at lower storefronts. ca. 1915

Fabric awnings installed on the west and southwest elevations. ca. 1915

Stockton City Hall moves out of the hotel. [Not verified] 1926 ?

Building is sold to McDonough Estate Company of San Francisco. Nov. 1926

Hotel is leased to Jack Beaty and an $80,000 renovation is begun. (New bathrooms and lighting fixtures added.) 1933

Hotel's first air-conditioning system is installed. 1937

Jack Beaty Jr. joins his father in managing the hotel. July 1940

World War II reduces the hotel's occupancy and it falls into disrepair. 1941-1945

Best Picture winner "All the King's Men" is filmed at the hotel. 1948

Jack Beaty dies and his son announces plans for a $150,000 hotel rehabilitation.  (Two new elevators are installed & passenger elevator is extended to the 6th floor.)1949

George Earnest becomes the new manager. 1950

The Roof Garden is covered by roll roofing. ca. 1950

Earnest announces plans to tear down and replace the west annex with an 8 to 12 story addition. (Addition is never built.) April 25, 1951

The Roof Garden windscreen is removed on the west side. ca. 1955

Three gooseneck streetlights are added to the Colonnade roof. ca. 1955

Hotel experiences its first fire. Damage is $17,000. Aug. 1956

Hotel experiences its second fire. Damage is minimal. April 1958

KJOY radio moves into the west end. Broadcast antennas are erected on the roof. 1958

The Hotel Stockton closes its doors. (The bar & restaurant remain open). Nov. 26, 1960

San Joaquin County occupies the former hotel as offices. 1960

The rooftop sign is removed. ca. 1960

The north and south Roof Garden windscreens are removed. ca. 1960

The twelve original pole streetlights are removed from the colonnade roof. ca. 1960

Colonnade parapet balustrades are filled-in solid. ca. 1960

Exterior catwalks and fire escapes are added to the building. ca. 1960

Landscape and fountain median added to Weber Avenue. ca. 1960

The old Stockton Courthouse across Weber Avenue is demolished. 1960

The new courthouse is completed and the welfare dept. moves into the hotel. 1963

San Joaquin County offices move out of the hotel. 1964

$500,000 is spent to permanently convert the hotel into welfare offices. 1965

KJOY radio's broadcast antennas are removed from the roof. ca. 1965

The bar and restaurant close. June 1966

The County of San Joaquin takes ownership of the hotel. 1976

The County Public Administration Department occupies the building. 1976

The Rooftop Garden and balconies are deemed "unsafe" and closed to the public. ca. 1976

The Hotel Stockton is nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. Feb. 9, 1981

Synthesis Design Group completes "Architectural & Structural Assessment" July 1991

The County vacates the building. Dec. 1991

County sells the Hotel Stockton to the City of Stockton Redevelopment Agency. June 1999

Civic Partners pursues a plan for conversion of the building and rehabilitation for city offices. 2001

CFY Development selected to develop the building for shops, restaurant and apartments 2003

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