Applied Architecture has nearly 30 years of experience in creating successful commercial façade improvements.  Lighting and Signage are two key elements in façade design.

Façade Lighting should go beyond meeting the functional needs of safety and navigation.  Lighting should also bring the potential of drama to the stage.  Just throwing light on a façade uses unnecessary energy and money, and it can be counterproductive in making a building “pop” from its background, to be noticed and appreciated.  Applied Architecture can cost effectively use illumination as a graphic design tool, integrated with architecture, to make a façade interesting and memorable.

Façade Signage should serve more than just the functional need of identification.  It is an artistic opportunity to create interest, complement the façade’s architectural theme, and become an integral part of an improved façade appearance.  Applied Architecture can cost effectively design façade signage, and for many of our customers, we order the letters and plaques directly from the factory.

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